Tuesday, August 16, 2011

People and Animals a paintng or two

Let's just say I've decided to bring more people together with animals.

Animals are a strong element in my life. I love them and would like others to love them as well. So here I go bringing animals and people together in my paintings.

The first Painting is "Sky Hunters". Nancy runs a raptor sanctuary here in San Diego. She rehabilitates injured raptors and releases those that are able to be returned to the wild back into the wild and cares for those that are too injured to be returned to the wild for the rest of their lives. The painting has been done in oil and is 14" x 18" on linen board.

The second painting " Never More" is a model I had painted from a few times and improvised by adding a raven. I used oil and gold leaf. The size is 14"x 18" on linen board

Monday, August 8, 2011

I recieved an Award this weekend

Here I am accepting an award , the Gallery Presidents Special Award ,at the COAL Gallery Annual open juried show. John Asaro was one of the Judges this year.

The painting that won the award is Lenny's Clam Bar.