Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Soloist a Painting of a Wolf

Warms and Cools. Composition and Simplicity. The strength of one. They all came together to create this painting. So here they are.....The Soloist a 30" x 15" Oil on Canvas.
This painting began with a burnt umber ground and was built with a Burnt umber pick out.
I enjoy this process. Drawing with paint. The light areas are created by removing the paint with a clean brush or Q-tip. This helps to set my values and the mood of the painting to come.
So here it is.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Wolf Waltz a large wolf painting

This painting is 30" tall by 48" long. I'm enjoying painting larger and larger.
Of course it takes more paint and more time...ran out of titanium white when I was close to completion.

To start I layed down a ground of Raw Umber and drew in all the details worked on values and negotiated composition.
 I kept going laying layer upon layer upon layer. Glazing and pulling out.

Not sure if I'm totally happy with this painting but I am satisfied and ready to move on.