Sunday, August 9, 2020

Dancing in the Sunlight....A new Bear Painting

 Here's Dancing in the Sunlight 30" x 24" oil on linen...Day 3 of applying the paint. Not done yet. I say this because I also did an oil study on paper from a photograph I took of a Grizzly bear in Montana than used a photograph I took of gathering crows and incorporated the 2 into one. Did an initial draw in of the painting to get the size and anatomy right then laid down a foundation of color started working large shapes to smaller shapes worked from mid values out after years of study and practice and workshops with some incredible artists like Greg Beecham and Julie T Chapman and going to college and studying in Europe owning two Galleries and an art consulting business and building a collector base, selling worldwide and generally working my butt off making mistakes and learning dealing with critiques positive and negative winning awards...and that folks is how I come to how much I value my hard work and substantiating a price for my work.   

Sold another painting last week...A Fox... off to a collector in Idaho.