Friday, October 11, 2013

Above and Beyond a Lion of Cottonwood

I'm getting ready for a up and coming wildlife show at the Foothills Gallery in La Mesa, CA.
This is an annual show and I just found out two of my paintings have been juried in.
This is one of the paintings "Above and Beyond" an oil on linen 30"x 40".So here's the stages of Above and Beyond .
I struggled to complete this painting. My mother was in the hospital after a terrible accident and I was preparing to leave to be with her.
The subject matter could not have been more appropriate....a lion and strength.
And so the painting became.

Here's the other painting that will be in the show.
This is a young bobcat that I had the good fortune to meet at  a big cat sanctuary, Lions Tigers and Bears here in San Diego. "Young R J Bobcat" is 11"x14" and is an oil on canvas.