Thursday, July 3, 2014

Painting Pelicans

Painting pelicans at the Oceanside Pier.

Every painting has it's challenges. Some more then others.
I photographed pelicans and brought them home to my studio to paint.

 Painting from photographs are so limiting. One must draw upon real self experience to make them work as a painting. Creating an image that looks 3 dimensional from a 2 dimensional source  has it's challenges.
But the challenges are fun and rewarding. You learn so much as you go through the process.

Edges and values. Lines and warms and cools. So much to learn  and I'm glad.

Even though I do not look at this painting as a complete success I have learned from the experience.
I used to throw in the towel for the day if I couldn't get it right. Now I talk myself through the difficulties and keep plugging away. Telling myself " I can do this". I'm working on eliminating the excuse " I can't do this".
Flipping the switch, turning the knob to I can do this.

Here is the results of a new beginning. A new process.
I've learned art is a life long learning experience. Probably one that will always have an door open.
That's good.

Note no signature on this painting. Still in the process, not yet complete.


  1. Very successful, Marla. I can feel the sun on the water. I like your composition, lots of interesting lines. But the thing I notice most is the atmospheric perspective giving that separation between the foreground and background. Feels like a deep space. All good. Candace.

  2. Thank you Candace. I appreciate your comments.